EABT Eurasia BlockTech

“Diversified Services for The Blockchain Era”


Diversified Services for The Blockchain Era

Our Vision

We imagine a future based on the MENACA values of individual freedom, independence and powerful social security systems. We want to ensure these values are passed on to the future generations. We believe blockchain technology can help society and individuals build a decentralized and transparent relationship based on trust and ethics.

Our Mission

  • To create and build a sustainable Blockchain tech-hub between Nordic and MENACA region, which acts as a smart intermediary in developing, transferring and commercializing technological services/products.
  • To create and build successful Blocktech businesses that capitalize on innovations in areas with significant growth opportunities, focusing on information technology sectors where rapid growth and adoption of new technologies and services are expected.
  • To spot and embrace business opportunities in both regions by value adding and fostering talents and resources internationally with a focus on MENACA (Middle East/North Africa/Central Asia) and IRAN market