EABT Eurasia BlockTech

“Diversified Services for The Blockchain Era”


Blockchain School (Academy): Providing tailored training for professional organizations and business leaders that need efficient and comprehensive education in Blockchain in order to navigate the quickly growing space efficiently

Innovation/pilot projects: Blockchain technology is going to revolutionize and completely transform both the public and private sectors. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and it will change the world, as we know it. Fast. Blockchain technologies begin to transform the private sector, disrupting business models in many industries, from finance to agriculture. Together with technical experts and in collaboration with related Nordic innovation hubs, such as blockchain developers, researchers, blockchain startups, among others, and the public sector organizations, we aim to develop use cases for the application of Blockchain technologies.  The objective of these Blockchain Pilot Projects is to enhance the knowledge regarding Blockchain, to create tangible solutions to pressing issues within the public sector, and to create a positive impact on society.

Knowledge Broker: The aim is to build and connect the blockchain ecosystem in the targeted region. We wish to promote and speed up the development and integration of blockchain technology. We will do this by creating a peer-to-peer platform for blockchain research & amp development projects. It will be a BI platform where the industry can connect with independent experts and students. It will manage collaborations and provide necessary insights on blockchain projects, research, and job opportunities

Blockchain Hub/Accelerator: We are a platform and knowledge base for understanding and utilizing Blockchain technology, enabling innovation and collaboration across private & public sectors, academia and other stakeholders.

  1. Innovation in: (e.g.) Coding/software development, Economics (Fintech), Sociology, Business, (Social) Psychology, administration, + … , +… and more
  2. Fresh thinking, innovative talent; that gets developed and accelerated by NBA

Cryptocurrency services: Initial Coin Offerings, Security Coin Offerings and cryptocurrency trading/investment – To offer Tokenization as a service – tokenizing startups, SMBs, and perspectively other funds and real estate projects.

Providing high-level regulatory counselling: Developing and implementing blockchain related legislation as a high-level advisor and consulting partner